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Act IntelliCAD 9.1 trial version is available without any limitations. The trial version will be fully functional and same as Licensed version. There is no restriction of Saving and Printing of files during the Trial. You can experience all the features completely before making your purchase decision. However there is no obligation to buy the software by requesting Free Trial.

In order to provide you this fully functional free trial, we request you to fill the details in Trial Request Form. We do not provide free trial if details are not submitted properly.

Please note that Act IntelliCAD 9.1 is not a freeware, do not download this software if you are looking for a free CAD software.

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Top reasons to choose Act IntelliCAD 9.1

  •  Easy to use interface & commands
  •  Perpetual Licenses with Global validity
  •  Best Speed and Performance
  •  Import vector PDF directly and edit
  •  Artisan Professional 3D Renderer included
  •  Batch convert DWG, DXF adn DGN files
  •  Export 2D PDF & 3D PDF Files
  •  Fully loaded features and functions
  •  Many file formats supported (dwg, dxf, dgn, dwf etc.)
  •  Easy migration from other CAD Software
  •  Both Ribbon & Classic menu interfaces

What's new in Act IntelliCAD 9.1?

  • Attach digital signatures to .dwg files and validate them
  • Command options are now clickable in the command bar
  • Introduced a Start Page while starting Act IntelliCAD
  • Clean Screen On/Off in the status bar to hide most UI items
  • Block Manager tool palette to manage Blocks between drawings
  • Many new commands like resetui, cui, wssave, gradient etc.
  • Introduced new in-place Block Editor for easy block editing
  • Print Drawings directly to PDF
  • New System Variable Manager to manage system variables
  • Several improvements to commands, features and performance
  • New Sketchmode option to enable Rotate, stretch and move

Act IntelliCAD 9.1 Overview

intellicad 9.1 video

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