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you can shift ribbon to classic mode from right bottom in workspace, there you will find blue color gearicon click mouse-button on it and select which interface required.
Recovery commands allows you to recover the corrupted file.
1. Open a new drawing in ActCAD;
2. Select File > Drawing Utilities > Recover;
3. Select the drawing from the dialog box and click OK
1.Use the command "op" in command bar
2.go to the display tab.
3.change the cursor cross hair size
Use the command "resetui" in the command bar alternative method also you can use.
1.right-click on workspace go to options
2.go to profiles tab and select default
3.select reset option the right
You can modify the text height from the dimensional style manager
1.use the command "D" in command bar
2.click on modify option in the right of displayed window
3.Go for the text tab in opened window
4.you will find text height option, increase the text height option.
1.Right click on workspace and choose options 2.Go for general tab in displayed window 3.Check the enable auto save option.
1.use "makebak" command in commandbar. 2.enter "1" to turn on backup.
1.Open ActCAD > Tools > Options;
2. Click Paths/files --> Automatic Save File Location and check the location of the autosave files which are usually saved under this path: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp;
3. Navigate to find your CAD file by name, check the modified date of those files and select the right version - the one that you lost or deleted and then change the file extension from .bak or .sv$ to .dwg.
Then you can continue using your corrupted or lost ActCAD files again.
Go to Tools->Drawing Settings -> Coordinate Input-->entity snaps Tab. you can check various snap option check the rquired snaps and also check enable snap tracking for snap points tracking..
Go to Tools->Drawing Settings -> Coordinate Input-->entity snap Tab.Then you will notice two options at the bottom on Entity Selection Pickbox, increase the size at the pickbox dropdown list,Similarly you can increase the Entity Snap Aperture, by increasing the Aperture size.
1.Open the ActCAD-->New drawing
2.Go for the Draw 3D tab, you can see 3D features.
1.It converts the drawing from the low version to high version & vice-versa.
2.Even drawings can be converted as single file or batch mode
3.During the conversion it automatically audit files and fix the errors.
Basically for the conversion it supports ".dwg" ".dxf" & ".dgn" file formats, conversion can be done from R2 to R2018 version.
Basically two type of versions are avilable in ActCAD 1. standard and 2.Professional.
In standard only mesh and facet modeling can be done, where as in the professional version along with mesh & facet modelling, Solid modelling also can do.
Might be windows firewall restriction the program.
1.open the windows firewall.
2.allow another program-->change setting-->allow another
3.select ActCAD-->add-->ok
Self License transfer is an unique feature in ActCAD. it is useful to transfer the license between two systems without any permissions are required.
1.Use "license transfer " command in command bar.
2.click yes to proceed for further.
3.After Sucessful deactivation of license key, you can activate in other system