Act IntelliCAD Latest News

  • Act IntelliCAD new version 9.1.423 released with few minor fixes and improvements. PDF2DXF module is introduced in Act IntelliCAD (Dt: 25-Apr-2019)

  • Block Manager is now avaialble in Act IntelliCAD 9.1 to manage blocks between various drawings. Just drag and drop to pallette. (Dt: 19-Apr-2019)

  • Print to PDF directly from Act IntelliCAD 9.1 using PDF .pc3 printer. There is no need of any external PDF Printer in new version. (Dt: 12-Apr-2019)

  • Act IntelliCAD 9.1 is released now with latest ICAD 9.1 engine in both 32bit & 64bit versions. Get your free trial from today (Dt: 05-Apr-2019)

  • Introduced new PDG to DWG converter in Act IntelliCAD using a new Technology. It supports layers and text with high quality. (Dt: 29-Mar-2019)

  • Act IntelliCAD is available in both Professional & Standard versions. Professional version suports ACIS 3D Solids Creation & Editi (Dt: 22-Mar-2019)